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kaleighjade1 said: My name is kaleigh. I like traveling a lot. I'm a bit outgoing but a little on the shy side too. I really really like music and I would like a Sam imagine please?? ✨


Sam pulls into a tiny gas station in the middle of no where. “This doesn’t look very safe.” You say as he shuts off the car.

"Don’t worry, I’ll protect you." He winks.

"Shut up." You roll your eyes as you get out of the car. You were on a road trip and needed to stop to get gas, and snacks. You both go inside and pick out a bunch of candy, chips, and drinks.

"I think when I ask you to marry me, I’m just going to buy you one of these." Sam says grabbing a ring pop. "I mean, that’s a pretty big rock." 

"You’re so dumb."



You’re sitting in the living room of the O2L house scrolling through your phone and eating the pizza you and Connor ordered. You’ve became like a fifth house guest, you’re over there all the time to hang out with Connor. Kian comes in. “Hey.” he says sitting on the couch and turning the TV…


You are at the O2l house, they are throwing a party on the last night that they would be in the house before they move out. Everyone is here, O2L, Andrea, Andrew, Jack, Jenn, etc. It’s not a hardcore party, there’s a lot of food and music. Everyone is just talking and having a good time.

gucci-griers said: My name's Gracie. I love going to the beach, writing, singing, acting, photography, and film. I really like travel and discovering new things. I'm really indecisive, optimistic, humorous, smiley, and strange. I love listening to music and just having fun whether it be staying in and just bullshiting all night or going out. I love creating my own things like drawing and writing songs and all that. Expert in cuddling 😚✌️ can it just be whoever you ship me with? Thanks so much 😊


You’re in the studio listening to Trevor record his newest song. You could listen to his voice all day. You brought along your sketchbook so you take it out and begin sketching Trevor singing behind the glass. He looks through the glass at you and you smile at him. He smiles back and gives you a wave before going back to singing. You can’t help but to smile when you’re around him, he just makes you happy.



You’re sitting in the back of Kian’s car with Sam, Jc’s in the front seat, and the rest of the guys are in Ricky’s car. You all decided to go out to the drive-in. You pull into the drive in and you all get out. You and Sam cuddle on the top of Kian’s car, you’re sitting in between his legs….


Today’s the day. Connor is taking you to get your lip pierced for you birthday and you were pretty nervous. You woke up, got dressed and waited for him to pick you up. At around 11:30 he shows up.

"Happy Birthday." He greets handing you a large bouquet of flowers.

"Thank you." You say…

tcaniff-thot said: Again again - lady gaga orrrr falling slowly-once (the musical) either one works it's really up to you but if you could make it with Sam that would be fantastic :) thanks!


Then tell me if I leave him
Baby would you be there.

You’re out to lunch with your best-friend Sam when your phone dings signalling you got a message. It’s from your boyfriend. You roll your eyes and toss your phone on the table. “Why don’t you just break up with him?” Sam asks. You shrug. “You could do a lot better than him.”

"He hasn’t always been a bad person, he used to be really sweet, I guess I’m just hoping he’ll be that guy again." You say. "But I don’t want to talk about him."

"Well, I don’t think he’s gonna change." Sam adds and then the conversation is dropped. Deep down inside you knew what Sam said was true, but you didn’t want to believe it. After lunch you and Sam head over to his place to watch a movie. You’re sitting on the couch while he sits on the floor with his back against the couch. It was no secret that Sam liked you, but you were with your boyfriend so he couldn’t act on his feelings.

"Sam?" You call.

"Yeah?" He responds.

"If I left him, what would happen with us?" You ask. He puts the TV on mute and faces you.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"I mean, would you, um, want a relationship or something?" You liked Sam too, but you never told anyone.

"I..I would like to, but only if that was something you’d want." You bite your lip.

"So if I leave him, you’ll be there?" You ask.

"I’m always here for you."


You hadn’t seen Connor in a month, he was away on tour and you were stuck at home, but you’re picking him up today. 

"Hey!" You call out and he turns around.

"Oh my gosh!" He yells holding out his arm. You hug him.

"I’ve missed you."  You say into his chest. He squeezes you tighter.

"I’ve missed you, too."

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You’re sitting in Jc’s bed watching him go through his tweets for his new video. He asked people to send in pick-up lines, so you decided to send one in.

@Y/T/N: Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass. @Jccaylen #pickupJc

You hit send and wait for his reaction.